I'm getting pretty fucking sick of everyone,
getting into everyones business.
Why the hell everyone thinks they should be cool& talk about everyone else..
& their issues,
& their problems.
& who they're dating
& the problems they're having..

It makes me SO mad. Honestly. Why doesn't everyone just mind their own God damn business.
It's one thing to be their for someone, but to talk behind their back about the shit thats going on,
Is Not Cool. So seriously, How about everyone grow the fuck up.. & mind their own business.

Today.. I'm going home. &hangin out.. What Fun.

-I'm tired of this lock down, & I know, You're tired too.

...& I won't change my mind.

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&i'd wish you could just,
be happy
&things wouldn't be so bad
&you weren't so unhappy all the time
&your family could get along

&you &adam were well again, because. I can Finally see. How much he
Truly means to you.

I hope things get better.
I'm not really sure what I'll be doing, hopefully C& I are hangin out, but who knows.
I got in a Huge fight with my parents last night, & don't really wanna talk about it,
all I know.. it was Real Bad. But, it's cool. Sometimes I feel like, when I talk, they
don't even hear me.. or acknowledge that I'm talking. But I know, things could be alot
Alot worse.

Chase &I are really good, I guess. Didn't get to talk to him last night.. But. It's kay.
I'm gonna go.
I want to get highlights maybe, but then again, I don't @all. should I?
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(no subject)

Today, hm. well, Goin home after school. Homework.. maybe.
       You know, if I'm in the right state of mind to do it.. ha.              Calling C Dawg.         Hopefully talking to My C Dawg tonight. 
                                   Last night I stayed up til 4am. Because I slept from 4-7pm.

Too Much Drama last night. eek.
                         But. I talked to Chase. Yeaha bitches!..
            I was really happy about it to. :) We are really good.

       This weekend. Having a little.. *get togther* at my crib.
                                  C Dawg, Al, Cera, Jackman,Me, & Kayla.. maybe Maggee... or maybe.

   Just maybe.
                    Just C dawg &me.. hehe..
 Out. tata. <3 c

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(no subject)

well. hmm
it's odd how i rarely get on livejournal anymore
but oh well.
i dont have much to write about these days,
tonight was alot of drama with my gayass parents,
i told them they just needed to get a divorce cause they didnt love eachother anymore..
and i just felt a wave of emotions.
they are so fucking dramatic. they drive me over the edge.
court. @caitys.
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